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Product Category: Makeup Brushes
Set of brushes: 12
Bristle material: ripple silk nylon hair
Brush package type: OPP bag
Brush handle material: plastic
Brush handle specifications: portable
Hair length specification: 2.5cm
Overall length specifications: 17CM
Appearance color; black rod rose gold tube, black rod silver tube, champagne gold, pink silver, pink rod rose gold, complexion

Name: 12 Eye Makeup Brushes
Material: nylon wool 1 plastic
Size: 19 * 12.4 * 2cm
Features: Use high-quality nylon hair as bristles, good powder quality
Grip, natural and even makeup, soft skin.
Pǐnpái: MAANGE
xínghào: MAG5729


12 Makeup Brushes Set

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